August 16th, 1999.

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CrossCanadaSearch Launched

(Portage la Prairie, MB) - A new Internet Search service aimed at Canadian Christians opens August 16th, 1999. "CrossCanadaSearch" is a Internet Directory or "Search Engine" that contains only Canadian Christian Sites. It is patterned after the leading Internet Directory "Yahoo!"

"The plan is to have at least 1000 links on Cross Canada Search by the end of the summer," says project initiator Charles Morrison. "When we begin, we should be around the 250 links mark. We hope that people add their own links, but we will be out on the net searching for and adding links, until we hit the 1000 link mark. At 1000 links we believe we'll have reached a point where this service will start to snowball, and grow on its own. By then the administration will take on a life of its own."

Morrison indicates that his site includes a variety of now-expected Directory features including: a fully searchable database, easy site submission and change process, 76 categories, a weekly email list highlighting new sites, top sites section and a Meta-Search option.

"The Christian Meta-Search allows users to search 4 of the top Christian Search Engines if they can't find what they are looking for in our directory. Users are not required to reenter their information, but simply hit a link thereby continuing their search on other engines."

Morrison also maintains a number of other websites including: CMB - Canada, Music, Biblical Faith, and Northern Sites - Canadian Christian Music Directory, which have attracted over 25, 000 visitors over the past 3 years. "I've used my experiences in maintaining Northern Sites to develop this new site. Northern Sites has over 200 links directly related to Canadian Christian music," continues Morrison. "With Cross Canada Search we've rolled all of our Northern Sites links over there and will no longer be updating Northern Sites."


Charles Morrison
PO Box 881
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 3C3